Grass Trimmers Buyers Guide

No matter how good your lawn mower is it’s probably not able to cut the grass all the way up to the very edge of your lawn. If you want to keep your lawn looking neat and tidy then the only practical way to trim the edges is to use a grass trimmer.

But with so many different types, how do you know which is the best type for you ?

Our exclusive buyers guide will explain the different types of grass trimmers and highlights the key features that you need to look for. You can then drill down through our grass trimmer reviews selecting only the features that you need in order to find your perfect grass trimmer.

Types of Grass Trimmer

Grass trimmers come in three basic types:

Electric Grass trimmers

Electric grass trimmers use mains electricity (as opposed to the cordless ones described below) and so need to be plugged in when in use. This can be a nuisance if your garden is large or if the grass that you want to trim is a long way from the nearest source of power.

If neither of those are issues then electric grass trimmers offer a convenient and practical solution as they are also light in weight. The only downside is the need for a mains cable and possibly an extension lead too so make sure that you use an RCD just in case you accidentally cut through the mains cable.

Electric grass trimmers are most suitable for small gardens or medium sized gardens with a suitable extension lead.

Cordless Grass trimmers

Cordless grass trimmers still use electricity but as they contain a rechargeable battery you’re not hampered by long extension cables if the grass that you want to cut is some distance from your house. This means that they can be taken to the furthest reaches of your garden.

Of course, they need to be fully charged beforehand and this does take some planning as they usually take several hours to charge fully. As the runtimes can be quite short, it may be worth investing in a second battery if you have a lot of grass to trim.

Cordless grass trimmers are most suited to small gardens and medium sized gardens.

Petrol Grass trimmers

Petrol grass trimmers are the most powerful kind that you can buy which makes them better suited to heavy-duty tasks and over-grown areas. However, they are heavier than either electric grass trimmers or the cordless ones which makes them less easy to maneuver as well as more tiring to use. They are also noisier as well.

Petrol grass trimmers are best suited to medium and large gardens so if you have a smaller garden you€™d probably be better off with an electric or cordless grass trimmer.

How do Grass Trimmers Work ?

Most grass trimmers contain a cutting head which contains a nylon line rather than a blade. Because of the high rotating speed the line cuts through grass with ease. Depending on the thickness of the nylon line it may also be able to cut through vegetation such as weeds as long as the stems are not too woody.

As the line wears it will break off and this will either need to be pulled out manually or will automatically feed through from a spool mounted in the cutting head as required. Other designs require the head of the trimmer to be tapped on the ground to release more line.

Some grass trimmers have two rotating lines which increases the ability of the trimmer to cut through vegetation. Another feature that some have is the ability of the head to turn through 90 degrees so that the trimmer can be used to trim the lawn at the edge of flower beds.

Adjusting your Grass Trimmer

If you’re going to be using your grass trimmer for any length of time then you’ll need to ensure that it is comfortable to use. All but the cheapest electric grass trimmers are height adjustable but the amount that they can be adjusted by varies so if you’re particularly tall you’ll need to ensure that you can use it without having to bend down for any length of time.

Some models have double handles which makes them easier to hold and control as you’re cutting which will improve not only your comfort but also the accuracy of your cutting.

Staying Safe with your Grass Trimmer

As with any power tool you’ll want to stay safe whilst using it so here are some simple rules to prevent injuries and accidents:

  • Wear safety goggles to protect your eyes from debris that gets thrown up
  • Wear heavy duty footwear to protect your feet. Crocs, trainers and flip-flops are NOT suitable !
  • Don’t use an electric grass trimmer in wet weather or if the grass is visibly wet
  • If you’re using an electric grass trimmer make sure that the power socket is fitted with an RCD